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Multiple Sclerosis: The 'At Your Fingertips' Guide
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Multiple Sclerosis - the "At Your Fingertips" Guide
Professor Ian Robinson
Dr. Stuart Neilson
Dr. Frank Clifford Rose
Class Publishing, 2002
Barb House, Barb Mews
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Posted: 03/08/2004

Editorial Review
  by Elsie Gulick, PhD, FAAN, RN

The authors capture the concerns and experiences of persons   with MS using an interactive question and response format. Areas of concern   include those of persons newly diagnosed with MS as well as those who have lived   with MS a long time. The sequencing of content is systematic beginning with   a description of the disease, its prevalence and disease types. Next a discussion   about symptoms, possible causes, diagnostic procedures, complementary therapies,   elimination problems, pain, fatigue, cognitive and mental problems, mobility,   speech and eating difficulties is presented. Then a discussion on living with   MS follows. The concerns addressed here include employment issues, financial   services; relationships with one"s partner, family members, friends, medical   professionals; and pregnancy and childbirth. In all areas of concern practical   recommendations are given for dealing with the difficulties experienced by persons   with MS. The last chapter regarding general information identifies current areas   of research including clinical trials and views of those who participate in   them.
  Topics for discussion are balanced whereby positions for or against a particular   issue are presented and where doubt exists, the person is referred to his/her   health professional for advice. The somewhat larger print, presence of cartoons   and illustrations together with the question and response format that presents   practical information for common concerns of persons with MS makes this a useful   book for them. A glossary containing italicized words that appear throughout   the chapters provide easy to understand explanations of these terms.
  The resources listed in the Appendix and in the chapters on drugs and services   for disabled persons are UK based, but the book does provide a very useful guide   for anyone coping with MS or caring for someone with MS.
  About the Authors:
  Professor   Ian Robinson MA is Director of the Brunel Research Unit, Brunel University.
  Dr   Frank Clifford Rose
FRCP is a Consultant Neurologist and the Director   of the London Neurological Centre, Harley Street, London.
  Dr Stuart Neilson  
  Dr Stuart Neilson BSc, PhD is Lecturer in the Department of Epidemiology, University   College, Cork, Eire and former Director of Medical Information Systems at CSHSD,   BrunelUniversity, where he managed the National Register of People with Multiple   Sclerosis.
  About the Reviewer:
  Elsie GulickElsie   Gulick, PhD, FAAN, RN
  Dr. Gulick is a Professor at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Her   experience in the area of multiple sclerosis includes a public health nurse   caring for patients with MS and conducting research with persons with MS and   their families. Her areas of research include instrument development, coping,   social support, quality of life, and effects of infant feeding method on the   health of mothers with MS and their infants.

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