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Love, Honor & Value: A Family Caregiver Speaks Out about the Choices & Challenges of Caregiving
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Love, Honor, & Value
A Family Caregiver Speaks Out about the Choices & Challenges of Caregiving
  Suzanne   Geffen Mintz
  2002, 203 pages
  National Family Caregivers   Association

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    In       Love, Honor & Value, A Family Caregiver Speaks Out about the Choices       and Challenges of Caregiving Suzanne Mintz shares her caregiving story with       others in a way that is both heartfelt and helpful. Suzanne's story       does not differ much from any of ours. What differs is that she has been       able to tell it in a way that we all relate to. By interweaving her own       experience along with practical advice and information from professionals       she has created a book that is both beautifully crafted and full of practical       information and inspirational messages. By quoting the thoughts and feelings       of other family caregivers, she has added depth to the book while simultaneously       letting even the loneliest of caregivers know that they are truly not alone,       and by co-founding the National Family of Caregivers Association she has       given all of us a voice in the public arena. This is a must read for all       family caregivers and those who care about them.

    I       truly cannot put it down. This compelling book looks at caregiving with       the objective clarity that could only come from one who not only is one       but hears the stories regularly of hundreds of others. With total authenticity,       Suzanne Mintz uses her own experience and that of others to enlighten caregivers       and everyone who interacts with them. Every employer, and certainly every       work-life and health professional, should read this book, and buy a copy       for every caregiving employee. I will absolutely send it to others. I think       it is beautifully written and gives caregivers not only valuable tips, but       even more valuable, permission to take vacations, say no when you have to       (even to your loved one). This should be a bestseller.



About   the Author:Suzanne and Steven
  Suzanne Mintz is a family caregiver for her husband (Steven) who was dianosed   with Multiple Sclerosis in 1974. In 1993, she, along with fellow caregiver Cindy   Fowler, co-founded NFCA based on the belief that family caregivers were sorely   in need of recognition, support, education, and advocacy. She has been its prime   mover ever since.

  One of the first to champion the now widely held belief that caregiving is a   lifespan issue that should be treated as such rather than dealt with in silos   of age, relationship and diagnoses, Ms. Mintz soon become recongnized as a far-sighted   and responsible spokesperson for family caregivers, as attested to by her appearances   before Congress, her participation in the crafting of national legislation,   and her often sited remarks in major media outlets. Many of her efforts are   focused on empowering other caregivers to speak up on behalf of their loved   ones and themselves.

  Suzanne is the author of the widely respected and distributed NFCA series of   self-empowerment "action-oriented" educational pamphlets for family   caregivers; a quarterly column for caregivers in Paraplegic News; The Resourceful   Caregiver:Helping Family Caregivers Help Themselves;

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