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Esclerosis Múltiple: Guía Practica Para el Recién Diagnosticado
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Esclerosis   Múltiple: Guía Practica Para el Recién Diagnosticado
  Nancy J. Holland, R.N., Ed.D., T. Jock Murray, M.D.
  Stephen C. Reingold, Ph.D.
  Teresa Corona Vazquez Dra., Revisor
  Patricia Frías de Thomas Translator
  86 pages
  Soft Cover
  Regular   Price: $21.95   
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Free   Preview: Introduction

Esclerosis   Múltiple: Guía Practica para el Recién Diagnosticado
  Dra Teresa Corona Vazquez and Patricia F. De Thomas

The diagnosis of multiple   sclerosis (MS) poses potential concerns related to all aspects of life and plans   for the future. Family members and other loved ones are similarly concerned,   and everyone involved struggles to make sense of life with this permanent intruder.   One of the first responses is usually an active search for information about   the disease itself and its potential long-term effects. This book was written   specifically for newly diagnosed people with MS, their families, and friends.

Until now, there have not   been any books dealing with these issues in the Spanish language. This new translation   will be of interest to all Spanish-speaking people with MS in the United States,   Central and South America, and elsewhere. Following are copies of the title   page, table of contents, and preface for the book.

Esclerosis Múltiple:   Guía Practica para el Recién Diagnosticado is designed for use   as an educational tool for those who have just received the diagnosis of MS   and in support groups and seminars for the newly diagnosed. It offers up-to-date   information about living effectively with this life-altering diagnosis. This   new Spanish language edition includes updated information and addresses the   changing needs of those diagnosed with MS in this era of rapidly expanding information   about the disease and its management.

Capítulo (Contents).   Qué es la Esclerosis Múltiple? y Cómo es Diagnosticada?   Cuál is la Causa de la Esclerosis Múltiple? Qué Tratamiento   esta Disponible?; Consejos Prácticos; Afrontando la Esclerosis Múltiple;   El Trabajo y la Esclerosis Múltiple; La Investigación en la Esclerosis   Múltiple; En Búsqueda de Tratamientos.

About the Translators: Dra.   Teresa Corona Vázquez is a physician on the staff of the National Institute   of Neurology and Neurosurgery in Mexico City (Directora de Ensenanza del Instituto   Nacional de neurología y Neurocirugía "Manuel Velasco Suárez"   en la Ciudad de México); Patricia F. De Thomas is with the Multiple Sclerosis   Society of Mexico (Asociacíon Mexicana Contra la Esclerosis Múltiple).  
  2002, approx. 128 pages, $21.95; ISBN: 1-888799-58-7

Spanish   Promo:

Este libro ha sido adaptado   y traducido al español para ayudar a las personas hispanohablantes que   han sido diagnosticadas con Esclerosis Múltiple, así como a los   miembros de su familia y amigos. Servirá como guía para aprender   a conocer la enfermedad, sus síntomas, el impacto sobre sus vidas y los   tratamientos médicos ahora disponibles para manejar y controlar eficazmente   una enfermedad que, desafortunadamente, hasta ahora no tiene cura.

Es un momento de gran emoción   en la investigación con avances rápidos en el manejo clínico,   para que la mayoría de las personas con Esclerosis Múltiple sea   capaz de llevar una vida productiva, plena, con dignidad e integración   total a su comunidad. Los capítulos tratan la naturaleza de la Esclerosis   Múltiple y proporcionan sugerencias prácticas para su manejo.  

En países del continente   americano como Canadá, Estados Unidos, México, Brasil y Argentina   existen Asociaciones contra la Esclerosis Múltiple que forman parte de   la Múltiple Esclerosis Internacional Federación (MSIF) las cuales   ofrecen servicios informativos y guía tanto a agrupaciones de pacientes   y sus familiares como a la comunidad médica y de investigación.  

Informacion   de Autores:

Los autores originales de   esta Guía, Drs. Nancy J. Holland y Stephen C. Reingold son Vicepresidentes   de la Asociación Nacional de los Estados Unidos (National MS Society)   y son responsables de los Programas Clínicos y la Investigación   respectivamente. Dr. Murray encabeza la Clínica de Esclerosis Múltiple   de Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canadá. La Dra. Teresa Corona quien   ha revisado cuidadosamente esta Guía y su traducción al español   es Directora de Enseñanza del Instituto Nacional de Neurología   y Neurocirugía Manuel Velasco-Suarez (INNN) en la Ciudad de México   y miembro del Comité Médico de la AMCEM y MSIF International Medical   Advisory Board.

Indice: Prefacio,   Introducción, ¿Qué es la Esclerosis Múltiple y Cómo se Diagnostica?, ¿Cuál es   la Causa de la Esclerosis Múltiple?, ¿Qué Tratamientos están Disponibles?, Consejos   Prácticos , Afrontando la Esclerosis Múltiple, El Trabajo y la Esclerosis Múltiple,   La Investigación en la Esclerosis Múltiple — La Búsqueda de Respuestas, Asociación   Mexicana contra la Esclerosis Múltiple — AMCEM, Referencia Rápida

About The   Authors

Nancy J.   Holland, Ed.D.

Dr.   Holland is Vice President of Professional Resource Center and Clinical Programs   at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in New York. She directs the Society's   activities to improve access to health care, and the quality of that care, for   people with MS. Dr.Holland earned a doctorate in higher and adult education   from Teachers College, ColumbiaUniversity, and holds undergraduate and graduate   degrees in nursing. She received a Career Development Award from the National   Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research and is author/editor of   more than 60 MS-related articles and books including Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide   for Patients and Their Families, Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed,   Comprehensive Nursing Care in Multiple Sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis: A Self-Care   Guide to Wellness and Multiple Sclerosis in Clinical Practice. She is a founding   member of the Board of Directors of the International Organization of MS Nurses.   She is the Chair of the Research Committee of the IOMSN.

T. Jock   Murray, OC, MD, FRCPC, MACP, FRCP (Lon), LLD (Hon St FX), DSc (Hon Acadia).

Dr.   Jock Murray is Professor of Medical Humanities, DalhousieUniversity, Halifax,   Nova Scotia. He is a Professor of Medicine (Neurology) and Director of the Dalhousie   Multiple Sclerosis Research Unit. He was Dean of Medicine at DalhousieUniversity  from 1985-1992. He holds joint appointments in the Departments of Family Medicine,   Community Health and Epidemiology, and History.

Following two years   in general medical practice Dr. Murray took postgraduate training in internal   medicine and neurology in Halifax and Toronto. He was a Commonwealth Scholar   in 1967 and studied at the University of London in England, and the National   Hospital, Queen Square. He accepted a full-time appointment on the Faculty of   Medicine at DalhousieUniversity, and became Chief of Medicine at Camp Hill   Hospital, and later Head of the Division of Neurology and Royal College Program   Director.

He was a Vice President   of the AmericanAcademy of Neurology and in 1999 received the Dr. AB Baker Award   for Lifetime Achievement in Neurological Education. He served as President of   the Canadian Neurology Society. He was President of the Association of Canadian   Medical Colleges. He served as Governor of the AmericanCollege of Physicians,   and then Chair of the Board of Governors. He was a Regent of the College for   four years and Chair of the ACP Board of Regents from 1995-1997.

Dr. Murray has   over 200 medical publications including a textbook of neurology, now in its   4th edition, and is a contributing author to seven other textbooks. He is on   the editorial board of several medical journals, and has served as Chair of   the Publication Policy Committee of the ACP, and is a member of the Publication   Committee of the Canadian Medical Association. He was the founder and first   President of the Dalhousie Society for the History of Medicine, a past- President   of the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine and currently book review   co-editor for the Canadian Bulletin for the History of Medicine. He was a founder   and currently is past-president of the Consortium of North American MS Centres,   and was Chair of the Canadian Medical Forum.

He has been the   recipient of many awards, including Professor of the Year at DalhousieUniversity  by the medical students. He has been made an Honorary Member of the Canadian   Radiological Society and the College of Family Practice of Canada. He was awarded   the Cutter Medal by Phi Rho Sigma International. He delivered the first Wendell   McLeod Lecture of the Association of Canadian Medical Colleges and gave the   1995 Richardson Lecture at the Congress of Neurological Sciences. He was the   recipient of the 1995 John B Neilson Award of the Associated Medical Services   and Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine. In 1996 Dr. Murray was awarded   the Seymour Medal by the University of KansasSchool of Medicine. In 1997 he   was awarded a Mastership by the AmericanCollege of Physicians. In 1999 he received   the Dr. Nicholas Davies Award for Medical Humanities from the AmericanCollege  of Physicians/American Society of Internal Medicine and the Dr. AB Baker Award   from the Academy of Neurology. In 2000 year he was the recipient of the Labe  Scheinberg Award for Lifetime Achievement in Multiple Sclerosis from the Consortium   of MS Centers. In 2001 he has been awarded the Mentor of the Year Award from   the RoyalCollege of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Dr. Murray was   awarded honorary degrees from St.FrancisXavierUniversity and AcadiaUniversity.   He was awarded the Canada 125 Anniversary Medal and has been appointed an Officer   of the Order of Canada.

Dr. Murray and   his wife Janet have four children and five grandchildren. He and his wife have   written a biography of Sir Charles Tupper and Dr. Murray is just completing   a book on the history of MS, as well as beginning the work on a book on the   history of Dalhousie Medical School.

  Stephen C. Reingold, Ph.D
Vice President
  Research Programs Department
  National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Dr.   Reingold is responsible for the national research programs activities of the   National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the only voluntary health organization   in the United States dedicated to improving the quality of life for those living   with multiple sclerosis, through programs of research, services, education and   advocacy.

Responsibilities   include the administration of an annual multimillion research and training program   supported with Society funds and oversight of the Society's clinical research   and research information programs. He serves as liaison between the Society   and MS basic and clinical research scientists and physicians, Federal and other   agencies, local Society chapters, and pharmaceutical corporations, undertaking   the search for new MS treatments.

Dr. Reingold obtained   a doctoral degree in neurophysiology from CornellUniversity and was affiliated   with PrincetonUniversity and RutgersUniversity, before joining the National   Multiple Sclerosis Society staff in 1983. He has over 50 scientific publications   related to MS and other biomedical research areas.

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