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Insurance Solutions: Plan Well, Live Better
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Insurance Solutions: Plan Well, Live Better Insurance   Solutions: Plan Well, Live Better
  Laura D. Cooper Esq
  Soft Cover 1-888799-55-2
  $24.95    Demos Medical Publishing  
  Posted: 10/22/02

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Insurance   Solutions: Plan Well, Live Better
  A Workbook for People with a Chronic Disease or Disability

Laura D.   Cooper, Esq.

When faced with long-term   disability or chronic illness many people find the financial consequences as   harrowing as the disease itself. Cooper shows that, with adequate planning,   insurance should cover any and all disability-related costs. In fact by choosing   the right insurance people can maximize their lifestyle and gain financial freedom.  

Readers will learn how to   look at various insurance options—including life, disability, health,   and long-term care, from a new perspective. They will discover that they do   have options for reliable insurance and ultimately financial security. Cooper   offers practical advice on finding insurance, evaluating its coverage, and avoiding   pitfalls.

Using a logical, workbook   approach, this resource gives readers exercises, worksheets, and checklists   to help them judge whether they are adequately prepared for dealing with disability-related   costs. In a step-by-step manner they will learn how to: catalog current illness-relevant   insurance data, evaluate the comprehensiveness and quality of existing insurance   products, and improve their insurance plans.

She shows readers precisely   how to foresee whether their present insurance plans will help them safeguard   assets—even in the worst scenario. If readers find serious potential problems   in their coverage, this excellent practical book offers concrete information   for dealing with them to secure future financial goals.

Packed with ideas and strategies,   this handy guide will help readers find and purchase insurance that a typical   insurance company might not make available to a disabled person. They will also   find suggestions for obtaining insurance when traditional sources appear to   closed. To assist readers with the language of insurance, the book contains   glossary of terms.

About   Laura D. Cooper, Esq. :

Laura Cooper graduated   from the University of WashingtonLawSchool in 1986. She has been a practicing   attorney for the past sixteen years, including two as counsel to the   Chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission in Washington, D.C.  She is a nationally-recognized expert in disability law as well as an expert   consultant on life planning for people with chronic diseases and disabilities.

Ms. Cooper was   teaching science on an Indian reservation when she first experienced gait problems,   vertigo, numbness, and tingling. The severity of her MS forced her to leave   her job at the age of twenty-two. Her failing health and precarious financial   circumstances put her, at the age of twenty-three, into a nursing home.

Despite these setbacks,   Ms. Cooper decided to attend law school. While in law school, she experienced   several exacerbations that left her temporarily blind and virtually quadriplegic.   She finished her law degree at the University of Washington in Seattle, following   which she was named one of the twenty outstanding young American "Lawyers   Who make A Difference" by the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division.

During her search   for employment, Ms. Cooper received more than 400 rejections, until one law   firm was willing to look at her abilities instead of her disabilities. She was   named a Finalist for White House Fellowship in 1990. She was the recipient of   the 1994 National Multiple Sclerosis Society National Distinguished Service   Award. She served a term as member, then Chairperson of the National Advisory   Board for Medical Rehabilitation Research within the National Institutes of   Health. She is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Endependence   Center of Northern Virginia, and was co-founder of the Greater Independence   & Mobility Project, LC, a personal assistance cooperative located in Arlington,   Virginia. Ms. Cooper has also served as the Life Planning and Independent Living   Consultant as well as Legal Counsel to the National Multiple Sclerosis   Society, nationally.

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