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Multiple Sclerosis: Psychosocial and Vocational Interventions
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Psychosocial and Vocational InterventionsMultiple Sclerosis: Psychosocial   and Vocational Interventions
  Demos   Medical Publishing
  New York 2002
  Reviewed by June Halper, MSCN, ANP, FAAN

Free   Preview: Section III

This soft cover   book contains a comprehensive overview of the social, emotional, cognitive,   and vocational implications of multiple sclerosis. It is the work of a team   of healthcare professionals who focus on the vast implications of multiple sclerosis   on patients' quality of life and well-being.

The work begins with an   excellent review of the medical implications of MS dividing symptoms into motor,   emotional and psychological, and sensory. There is also discussion of the autonomic   implications of the disease along with an emphasis on neuropsychological concerns.   Subsequent chapters deal with cognitive changes related to MS, vocational implications   and strategies to sustain employment, emotional reactions to multiple sclerosis   (with an emphasis on depression), and effective interventions. The book ends   with a treasure trove of resources: US Labor Standards, a self-assessment tool   for employability, a listing of the chapters of the National Multiple Sclerosis   Society (NMSS), and a compendium of NMSS affiliated healthcare facilities for   multiple sclerosis care.

This is an excellent resource   for healthcare professionals who provide care for MS patients and their families.   The writing style is "user friendly"; the book is interspersed with   helpful questionnaires for self-assessment, information about testing, and a   wealth of resource material. It is organized logically and the material is presented   in a cohesive manner.

This reviewer found the   section on psychosocial issues and vocational success particularly well-written.   In addition, Appendix B contains a comprehensive self-assessment tool, "Work   Experience Survey", (WES), that will be extremely helpful in assisting   patients assess their work experience and evaluate future opportunities in the   job market.

Multiple Sclerosis   - Psychosocial and Vocational Interventions is an excellent book focusing   on very important issues in multiple sclerosis. It sets a new standard for viewing   chronic illness and disability with its emphasis on productivity, sustained   function, and strategies for independent living. While the authors do not overlook   the physical implications of the disease, they emphasize strengths and strategies   instead of weakness and compromise.

This review recommends this   book for its significant contribution to literature about multiple sclerosis.   It provides a framework for wellness and empowerment both for the healthcare   professional reader and for people affected by multiple sclerosis.

June Halper,   MSCN, ANP, FAAN
  Executive Director

The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers

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