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Multiple Sclerosis: Immunology, Pathology and Pathophysiology
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Multiple Sclerosis: Immunology, Pathology and Pathophysiology
Robert M. Herndon, M.D., Editor
Demos Medical Publishing, 2003, 258 pages
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Editorial Review

"Knowledge   has been described as being like an expanding sphere with the volume of knowledge   contacting a surface on the unknown." This new comprehensive review of   the many fields of basic and clinical research that impact our understanding   of multiple sclerosis has its basis in this premise. In doing research on MS   it is not enough to know clinical neurology or neurochemistry or neuroanatomy   or pathology; it is important to understand the many other areas that relate   to them. This volume provides an overview of MS-related research and will benefit   many investigators in the field and help to advance our efforts to cure this,   thus far intractable, disease.

It   is now more than 160 years since the first clinical-pathological descriptions   of cases of multiple sclerosis and more than 130 years since the classic clinical   description and development of diagnostic criteria by Charcot, yet MS remains   an enigma. After decades of intense effort to find the cause, no cause has been   clearly identified and the disease remains poorly understood. Despite the introduction   of immunomodulatory therapies and immunosuppressive regimens, MS remains a devastating   disease. While a great deal of progress has been made, much remains to be done.   Our understanding of the disease remains limited, treatments remain inadequate,   and comprehensive management all too rare.

This   volume is an overview of the basic sciences as they relate to MS that will provide   clinicians and investigators a better understanding of the basic aspects of   the disease. While it is possible to find excellent reviews of almost any aspect   of MS, few attempts have been made to bring these very different aspects together   in a single source. This volume is a companion to Multiple Sclerosis: Diagnosis,   Medical Management, and Rehabilitation, edited by Drs. Jack S. Burks and Kenneth   P. Johnson. Together, they represent an attempt to comprehensively cover the   field of MS from basic research to comprehensive management and to provide a   broad overview for those interested in understanding the disease better or in   pursuing MS research.

About   the Author:
  Robert M. Herndon is Director of the Department of Neurology at the Veterans   AffairsMedicalCenter in Jackson, Mississippi; Professor of Neurology at the   University of MississippiMedicalCenter; and Editor-in-Chief of the International   Journal of MS Care.

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