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Powerpoint Made Very Easy!
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  Powerpoint Made Very Easy!
Timothy   Green, PhD ($9.56)
  Barnes and Noble Bookstore


  By Shirley Brown, M.A., CCC-SLP

Several   weeks ago I received the "gift of life". Perhaps I exaggerate just   a little, but this gift certainly has made my life easier.

I   struggle with technology. I use an abacus to balance my checkbook with. I prefer   two cups and a string to communicate with. I have a love-hate relationship with   my computer. In my professional career I have been called upon to give presentations.   Charcoal on a piece of cardboard doesn't hack it anymore. Slides are a   thing of the past, overheads are ho hum. Power Point has taken over my world.   Figuring out how to make my power point presentations interesting and eyecatching   has cost me hours of agony, loss of sleep and a small fortune in books on the   subject.

In   one fell swoop, Dr. Green has shown me the way. His book "PowerPoint Made   Very Easy!" for grades 4-8, has made it a breeze for me to add graphics,   to use the drawing tools, to play sounds, to import movies and to produce animation.   What more can a neophyte ask for?

This   is not just a book for children. It is a tool that we can all use. It is written   in a clear and easy style. It makes preparation for life on the talk circuit   easy and non threatening.

It   is a worthwhile investment. It is a worthwhile addition to your professional   library. It is the "gift of life".



About   the Author:Tim Green
  Tim Green, Ph.D. is a former K-12 teacher who is now an Assistant Professor   in Elementary Education at CaliforniaStateUniversity, Fullerton. He teaches   undergraduate and graduate courses in educational technology. He has published   and presented extensively in the field of educational technology. He has co-authored   the book Multimedia Projects in the Classroom: A Guide to Development and Evaluation   (Corwin Press, 2002). He enjoys helping individuals learn how to use technology.

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