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Book Review: Multiple Sclerosis - The Guide to Treatment and Management, 6th Ed
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Multiple Sclerosis: The Guide to Treatment and Management, Sixth Edition
Chris Polan; Alan Thompson; T. Jock Murray; Allen Bowling; John Noseworthy

Book Details:
Published: 2006
ISBN: 1-932603-51-4
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing
Price: $24.95

Editorial Review by Michele Messmer Uccelli, BA, MSCS:
Multiple Sclerosis: The Guide to Treatment and Management is currently in its sixth edition. The aim of the book is to provide people with MS, their families and healthcare professionals up-to-date, complete information on treatments currently used in MS and on some management issues, such as rehabilitation and service delivery. The content was developed by a prestigious committee of neurologists from different parts of the world. Content is divided into five major chapters on the changing understanding of MS, exacerbation treatments, treatments that impact the disease course, symptomatic treatments, including rehabilitation and unconventional therapies. For each treatment a brief description is provided, along with the rationale for its use, relevant available evidence, and a consensus opinion as to the usefulness of the treatment for MS. The opinion takes into consideration the financial aspect of the treatment, risks and adverse effects and whether there is a need for further research on the treatment before recommending its use. Each section of the book is completed with a list of recommended reading, which is both up-to-date and comprehensive. Although, the recommendations are limited to scientific publications, which may not be readily accessible to all readers.

As a limitation, there are no non-physician authors, thus, the book misses the valuable input other professionals could provide, particularly in the areas of symptomatic treatment, rehabilitation and service delivery.

On an aesthetic level, the design of the book is rather monotonous, tables are not well-designed and are difficult to follow and the use of italics throughout the book may be cumbersome for some people with visual difficulties.

Apart from these few shortcomings, Multiple Sclerosis: the Guide is an excellent resource for people with MS and healthcare professionals, particularly for those interested in a reference source that provides key details on MS treatments in a concise manner.

About the Reviewer:
Michele Messmer Uccelli, BA, MSCS
Affilitation: Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society
Title: Director of Research and Development
Brief Bio: Over 15 years of working in MS, previously in the USA and currently at the National Headquarters of the Italian MS Society. Editor of MS in focus, official magazine of the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation. Member of the CMSC, IOMSN, MSNICB. Founding member of the Italian MS Nurse Society. Author of numerous publications on MS.
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