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Book Review: Multiple Sclerosis - A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed, 3rd Ed
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Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed, Third Edition
Nancy J. Holland, T. Jock Murray, Stephen C. Reingold

Book Details:
Published: 2007
Format: Softcover
Regular Price: $19.95
Where to buy: Demos Medical Publishing

Editorial Review by:
Alex D. Rae-Grant, M.D., F.R.C.P.(C.)
Multiple Sclerosis Center of the Lehigh Valley

There is no more delicate, difficulty and potentially traumatic moment that when someone is given a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. What will I do? What will become of me? How will I carry on? The first few weeks carrying this label are perhaps the hardest of all, as uncertainty and ignorance combine with the rumors about MS that everyone seems to carry in their brain.

The authors of Multiple Sclerosis are all very well known in the field of MS, and they have taken to heart the importance of sound knowledge for the newly diagnosed. The third edition of their well-crafted book is yet again a tour de force of sound, timely information for those who are just embarking on their journey into the unknown. Written in a style that is accessible and conversational, each chapter answers important questions about the mystery that is MS. How do doctors make a diagnosis? What happens in MS? What are the symptoms? How might it progress? What can I do about it? What sources of help are out there? What does new research hold for the future? The authors have anticipated essentially all of the major questions that patients ask, without providing information that is overwhelming, laced with medical jargon, or downright scary. This is a book that is truthful, comprehensive, useful, and written at a level that most people with MS will find appropriate.

We have used their prior editions for our newly diagnosed patients for the past 5 years. We anticipate using it for many more years to come.

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