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MS IN MRI: A Learning CD-ROM
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MS IN MRI: A Learning CD-ROM
Oscar Bacelar; Ana De Vera; Ernst-Wilhelm Radue
Clinical Advisor: Ludwig Kappos

CD Details:
Production: point de vue, audiovisuelle produktionen
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Editorial Review:
Doctors Oscar Bacelar, Ana De Vera, E.Radue with clinical advisor Ludwig Kappoos have done a commendable job in the CD tutorial MS in MRI. They are all affiliated with MS-MRI Evaluation Centre, Neuroradiology in University Hospital Basel.

Although this reviewer thinks the title should be MRI in MS, this is the only change I would suggest.

The tutorial reviews basics of MRI, with a focus on techniques relevant to MS. Newer technologies such as MRS and MTR are reviewed in the final chapter. I especially appreciated some of the clinical case histories with corresponding MRI's. This CD would be appropriate for anyone working with MS, but may be too basic for seasoned neuroradiologists or some MS specialists.

CD Content:
  • Preliminary Remarks
  • Diagnosing MS
  • Typical Lesions
  • Pitfalls
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Monitoring the MS MRI Evolution
  • MRI Protocols and New Techniques


Please contact Dr. E. W. Radue at
University Hospital Basel
Petersgraben 4
CH 4031 Basel / Switzerland or

About the Reviewer:
Ben Thrower, M.D.
Dr. Ben Thrower is the Medical Director of the MS Center at Shepherd. The Center is based in Atlanta and offers comprehensive care to the person with multiple sclerosis. Clinical care and research collaborations are ongoing with Harvard University and Emory University. The Shepherd Center has been selected one of the top 20 rehab institutions by U.S. News and World Report.

Dr. Thrower has worked exclusively with MS both at the Holy Family MS Center in Spokane, Washington and at the Shepherd Center. His commitment is to quality care of the MS community. Dr. Thrower has worked closely with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in many different capacities and has received the Norman Cohn Hope Chest Award from the organization.

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