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2014 CMSC ACTRIMS Annual Meeting Presentations
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  1. Stem Cell Update (Mark S. Freedman, BSc, MSc, MD, CSPQ, FRCPC)

  2. Control of CNS Inflammation by Dendritic Cells and Monocytes
  3. ACTRIMS Program: MS Susceptibility
  4. New Insights and Future Directions in MS Pathology
  5. The Role of Dendritic Cells in Multiple Sclerosis
  6. Plasma Exchange for CNS Demyelinating Diseases
  7. Comparative Effectiveness: The Role of Registries Including NARCOMS (Ruth Ann Marrie, MD; Gary Cutter, PhD) updated

  8. ACTRIMS Program: MS Susceptibility
  9. ACTRIMS Program


  1. Screening for Depression
  2. The Role Strain of the Mental Health Professional
  3. Evidence Based Psychotherapy Approaches in MS


  1. Nutrition and MS
  2. Fundamentals of MS Care
  3. Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  4. Ethnicity and Disease Biology: African-Americans and Other Minority Populations in MS
  5. Incorporating Research into your MS Center
  6. Assessing Risk Tolerance to DMTs: understanding and Educating About Safety
  7. Meaningful Quality Measures for MS: A Case-Based Interactive Workshop
  8. Can We Do it Better? Dealing with the Difficult Patient (all presentations)
    • What and Who is a Difficult Patient? (Mary Kay Fink, MSN, BSN, RN,CNS, MSCN)
    • Why Should We Care? Identifying our Challenges (Brenda Brelje, RN, MSCN)
    • The Multidisciplinary Perspective (Heather Svenson, LSW, MSCS, MSSMC)
    • Case Vignettes

  9. New Models of Healthcare Delivery Using Informatics and Telemedicine Approaches


  1. Assessing Visual Changes in MS
  2. MS Palliative and Long-term Care
  3. iTechnology in MS: Transformation or Chaos
  4. Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) update
  5. Infectious Complications of MS Therapy
  6. Gender Issues in MS
  7. Pediatric MS
  8. Neuroimaging and Other Biomarkers


  1. Basic Immunology for the Non-Immunologist
  2. Advanced Immunology for the Non-immunologist
  3. Complex Issues Facing MS Nurses: An Interactive Case Based Session
  4. Compassion Fatigue: Caring for the Caregiver (Marie Namey, RN, MSN, MSCN; Ellen Reardon, MSN, RN) updated


  1. A Case-based Approach to Seating and Positioning (Christine Smith, OTR/L, MSCS; Patricia Bobryk, MHS, PT, MSCS, ATP; Thana France, CRTS, ATP, SMS) updated

  2. Current Topics and Trends in MS Rehabilitation
  3. Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle
  4. People With MS Can Be Healthier, Despite Their MS (all presentations) updated
  5. Innovative Approaches for Mobility in MS: Functional Electrical Stimulation and Variable High Intensity Step Training


  1. MS Care in the 21st Century: How Information Technology will Transform Care (Kottil Rammohan, MD)

  2. The Role of the Advanced Practice Clinician: Physician Assistant (all presentations)
    • Introduction (Bryan Walker, PA)
    • Roles and Responsibilities of a PA in a Private Practice Outpatient Environment (Sarah Jamieson, PA)
    • Roles and Responsibilities of a PA in the Academic Medical Center and Clinical Research Settings (Bryan Walker, MHS, PA-C)

  3. The Role of the Advanced Practice Clinician: Nurse Practitioner (all presentations) updated
    • History of the Nurse Practitioner (Gail Hartley, RN, MSN, NP, MSCN)
    • Current Role of the Nurse Practitioner (Stephanie Agrella, RN, MSN, APRN, ANP-BC, MSCN)
    • Integrating the Team Approach (Rachael Stacom, RN, MS, ANPBC, MSCN)

  4. How to Perform EDSS (Stephen S. Kamin, MD)


  1. Pain Management in MS – Interdisciplinary
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