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MSCS Recertification
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Duration of Certification

The Multiple Sclerosis Certified Specialist (MSCS) certification is recognized for five years. The expiration date of the MSCS certificate is December 31st of the fifth year after certification regardless of the month in which you wrote the examination (i.e., if the certification date was August 2005 then certification expires on December 31st, 2010. Therefore, recertification will always expire on December 31st of the 5th year after you took the exam and each 5 years after. To renew certification, the applicant must choose one of the three options listed below. Eligible learning activities and practice hours must be obtained during the five-year certification period.

Prior to certificate expiration, you must obtain an MSCS Recertification Application Form. The form is enclosed with this letter and will be also available through the Professional Testing Corporation (PTC)* by written request or from their website. It is the responsibility of the MSCS to initiate the recertification process and to notify PTC or the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers of any name or address change. The deadline for recertification submissions for each certified group will be identified in the application package and web site. Applications received after the application deadlines are subject to a $75.00 late administration fee. Applications received after certification expiration will be denied. At this point, candidates will need to rewrite and pass the certification examination to maintain their MSCS.

Lapsed Certification

If you do not recertify when the five-year term has ended, your MSCS certification is considered lapsed. To regain certification you must meet the eligibility criteria. Submit application for initial certification and write and pass the certification examination.

Application for recertification must be submitted at least 3 months prior to expiration date.

Application Deadlines:

April 1st for June 30th certification expiration

September 30th for December 31st certification expiration

Eligibility for Recertification

Current licensure as a health care professional or the equivalent country regulatory requirement.

  • Completion and filing of the MSCS Recertification Application form with required payment.
  • There are three options available to fulfill recertification requirements:
    • Option 1: Retaking and passing the certification exam or
    • Option 2: Obtaining 75 MS learning activity hours over the previous 5 years or
    • Option 3: Having 1000 MS practice hours and 50 MS learning activity hours over the previous 5 years
What are MS Learning Activities

Multiple Sclerosis professional learning activities include MS-related courses, presentations, conferences; publications, independent study, and professional development (see guidelines for learning activities).

Definition of MS Practice Hours

Multiple Sclerosis practice hours include clinical practice, consultation, research, administration, or education related to the field of multiple sclerosis.

  • Candidates for recertification who fail the examination cannot then recertify with learning activities or practice hours and learning activities.
  • One learning activity hour equals one clock hour.
Guidelines for Learning Activities (LA)

All learning activities must be obtained during the 5-year certification period.

  • Academic Courses
    • The course must be applicable to MS professional care or research.
    • Courses taken toward degree completion can be counted if they apply to MS care. For example, a MSCS taking a family studies course towards a degree has focused one's assignment on family issues in MS care.
    • Allow one LA hour for every hour you spend attending the course (i.e., 2 hours/week x 10 weeks = 20 LA hours).
    • Academic courses shall not exceed 20 LA hours over the 5-year certification period.
    • Ph.D. degree/dissertation equals 40 LA hours. Must be completed within the 5-year certification period.
    • Master's degree/thesis equals 20 LA hours. Must be completed within the 5-year certification period.
  • Conferences, Teleconferences, Videoconferences, Seminars, Workshops and Internet Offerings
    • Must be related to MS care. One LA for 1 hour in attendance.
    • Maximum 50 LA hours.
  • In-Service for Staff
    • Attendance at a staff MS-related education session (i.e., medical grand rounds or physiotherapy in-service on the benefits of stretching exercises for spasticity). One LA for 1 hour in attendance.
    • Maximum 10 LA hours.
  • Participating in Certification Examination Development
    • Examples include translating exam, participating in item review, and item writing for the exam.
    • Exam content must be MS-related.
    • Five exam items are worth 3 LA hours.
    • Item writing and item review are worth 10 LA hour
    • Maximum 10 LA hours.
  • MS Practice
    • Involved in the development, implementation, or publication of MS practice guidelines, pathways, or protocols.
    • One LA for 1 hour of participation.
    • Maximum 15 LA hours.
  • Independent Study
    • Completing the requirements for continuing education credits related to MS articles in professional journals, on-line journals, on-line MS education monographs. Follow the continuing education credit submission guidelines as outlined by the journal.
    • Learning activities will equal credits allotted by the journal.
    • Maximum 50 LA hours.
  • Research
    • Research activities must relate to MS professional care.
    • Research activities are defined as conducting a study, participation in collaborative study, or utilizing of research in practice (critique of research article; implement evidence-based care).
    • Participation in clinical drug trials does not fulfill the LA criteria.
    • Each hour of research activity counts as one LA for maximum of 15 hours.
  • Publication
    • Publication of material relevant to MS care.
    • LA hours allotted:
      • For authorship or co-authorship of a book, 20 LA hours.
      • For contribution to a book chapter, journal article, monograph, or patient education pamphlet, 10 LA hours.
      • Maximum 40 LA hours.
  • Poster Presentation
    • One poster equals 3 LA hours.
    • Maximum 15 LA hours.
  • Presenter/Lecturer
    • Presentation or lectures to other health professionals or community groups on topics related to MS.
    • Each presentation hour is worth one LA (e.g., 1 hour presentation + 2 hours preparation = 3 LA hours).
    • Duplication of presentation cannot be counted toward LA unless the presentation was revised.
    • Maximum 15 LA hours.
  • Professional Committee Membership
    • Duplication of presentation cannot be counted toward LA unless the presentation was revised.
    • Maximum 15 LA hours.
Keeping Track of Learning Activities

Professionally and ethically you are the best judge of which learning activities apply toward recertification.

  • Keep a list of all learning activities identifying activity, sponsor or provider, date of activity and hours of activity. For example: attended CMSC 2003 annual conference, sponsored by the Consortium of MS Centers, May 28 to June 1, 5 hrs/day for 25 hours or 25 LA hours.
  • Submit your list at the time of application for recertification.
  • Maintain a file of all LA documentation (e.g., educational certificates, course outlines etc.).
Quality Assurance Audits

The MS Specialist Certification Project Committee will randomly audit 10% of the candidates applying for
recertification by learning activities. If you are audited, you will be required to provide documented proof
of learning activities so keep your file up to date. All learning activities must be obtained during the 5-year
certification period. Professionally and ethically you are the best judge of which learning activities apply
toward certification.

Contact Sources
* Professional Testing Corporation, 1350 Broadway, 17th Floor, New York, New York, 10018 USA
** MSCS c/o CMSC, 3 University Plaza Drive, Suite 116, Hackensack, NJ 07601 USA (

Completion of Application

 PAGES 1 and 2:

Use only a NUMBER 2 pencil to complete pages 1 and 2 of the Application. Please follow marking instructions to avoid delay in processing your Application. This Application will be scanned by computer, so please make your marks heavy and dark. Please print uppercase letters only, and avoid contact with the edge of the box. See the example provided on Application.

CANDIDATE INFORMATION (Page 1): Starting at the top of page 1 of the Application, print the following information in boxes as directed in the Application.
  • Enter your name in the appropriate boxes.
  • Enter your mailing address and phone numbers in the rows of boxes provided.
  • Enter your current email address.
  • Dates for initial MSCS certification and the most recent certification in the specified format.

In this section of the Application, a series of questions are asked to collect your background information. Fill in the circle next to the response you select to each question. NOTE: All questions must be answered.

OPTIONAL INFORMATION (Page 2): The information requested relating to race, gender, and age is optional. It is requested to assist in complying with equal opportunity guidelines. It will be used only in statistical summaries and will in no way affect your recertification.

CANDIDATE SIGNATURE (Page 2): Your signature consenting to the statement in the box. (Do not sign and date the Application until you have completed all information requested on Pages 1, 2, 3, and 4.) Applications without signature will not be accepted.

PAGES 3 and 4:

Following the directions on Pages 3 and 4, complete the documentation of Learning Activities (LA) hours in full. After you have completed all requested information, sign and date the authorizing statement on Page 4, then turn back to Page 2 and sign and date the Application in the space provided.

NOTE: Unsigned Applications will not be accepted. Mail the completed Application together with required documentation and the appropriate fee to:

1350 Broadway, Suite 1705
NEW YORK, NY 10018


Application fee for Recertification of Multiple Sclerosis Specialist through Learning Activities: .. $250.00
Late administration fee for applications submitted after application deadline: .................................. $75.00

Make check or money order payable to: MSCS Recertification. Credit cards are also accepted. Complete Credit Card Payment section on Page 2 of Application.

Note: There will be no refunds of recertification application fees.

Make check or money order payable to: Professional Testing Corporation. Credit cards are also accepted. Complete Credit Card Payment section on Page 2 of Application.

September 30th for December 31st certification expiration

**Recertification application sent after application deadlines must include late administration fee in addition to the application fee.

***Recertification applications received after expiration dates will be denied.


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