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CMSC 2018 Research Award Program
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CMSC 2018 Research Award Program


Pilot Research Grant Submission for Persons Invited to Apply Based on Evaluation of LOI.
LOI acceptance does not guarantee that funding will be awarded.


Click here to download LOI Format and Instructions


The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) welcomes applications for support of studies related to multiple sclerosis which may serve in any way to advance the mission of the CMSC.

The CMSC supports studies that are clinical in nature, including projects in patient management, care, and rehabilitation. To be considered for funding, all projects must show relevance to the CMSC’s mission.


Principal Investigator: It is expected that the person indicated as the principal investigator (PI) in an application for a grant is the one who is personally and actively responsible for the conduct of the research and who is considered eligible by his or her institution to apply for a research grant. The principal investigator must be affiliated with an institution that is a member of the CMSC.

Institution: The institution, except in unusual circumstances, is the official recipient of grants made for the support of specific research by the principal investigator, and must be a member of the CMSC.


Members will be notified of the availability of funding via online (e-mail) notification.


All materials should be submitted by e-mail to  Materials should not be considered as received unless a confirmation of receipt has been sent by the CMSC.

Applicants may submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) upon announcement of the program in the spring.  The deadline for submission is generally in early May.  The applicant should request that the LOI be reviewed within one of the five following Research Interest Groups (RIGs):  Epidemiology, Psychosocial, Rehabilitation, Symptom Management, or Therapeutics. However, the committee reserve the right to assign an LOI to another RIG if in their opinion a more appropriate and informed review may be achieved in that way.  Time permitting, the committee will inform the applicant of such reassignment.

Based upon this review, investigators may be invited to submit a full application. All applicants will be informed of a decision by e-mail by early June. The deadline for submission of the full application is anticipated to be in late August. Invitations are valid only for the review cycle immediately following the receipt of the LOI. If an investigator wishes to defer consideration of the application, a new LOI must be submitted during a future funding cycle.  An invitation to submit a full proposal is in no way a guarantee of funding.


Notification: The PI and the grantee institution will each be advised by letter of the duration and amount of the grant awarded and will be provided with a budget that reflects acceptable types and amounts of expenditures for the grant year. Payment of the grant will be remitted quarterly to the financial officer at the grantee institution.

Renewal Grants: No grant will be renewed automatically. Support beyond the term originally approved is dependent upon funding availability and requires submission of a new application.  No-cost extensions may be requested and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Unobligated Funds: Because budgets in applications for grants are estimates of the funds required to perform the research indicated, unexpended funds may remain at the termination of the grant. Such funds must be returned to the CMSC.


Change of Principal Investigator: In most cases, a grant terminates when the principal investigator becomes unable to continue supervision of the research. However, within 30 days after such an occurrence, the original institution may request that the grant be continued with the responsibility transferred to a new PI until the grant can be terminated appropriately or until a new, complete application can be submitted by the new PI. Such changes require prior approval in writing by the CMSC.


Investigators may request funds for the following categories of expenditure: salaries for professional and non-professional personnel, patient costs, consumable supplies, other expenditures not included under the above categories, and indirect costs.

Personnel: The salaries of all personnel paid from grant funds shall be in accordance with the prevailing policies of the grantee institution. Requested salaries are not to be used to replace salaries or portions of salaries already assured by institutional or other funds. Grant funds may not be used for administrative costs, maintenance services, tuition costs or stipends for students, residents or post-doctoral fellows.

Rebudgeting of Funds: Transfer between and among categories of the budget approved in the grant may be made as follows: (1) transfers between personnel and consumable supplies categories may be made at the discretion of the grantee institution, but (2) all transfers for patient costs, indirect costs, or other items not specifically identified in the approved budget require prior approval in writing by the CMSC.

Unless prior approval in writing has been obtained from the CMSC, expenditures are likely to be disallowed for items not specifically included in the budget for the grant awarded.

Termination of Award: A research grant award may be terminated before the end of the project (1) if the PI requests in writing that the award be terminated; (2) if the PI is unable to carry out the research at the original institution; (3) if the sponsoring institution requests in writing that the award be terminated because of the  termination of the awardee’s academic appointment; (4) if the PI fails to notify the CMSC of any change in his/her affiliation with the department or institution on record at the time the award was made; (5) if the PI changes any aspect of the award from that which was originally approved by the CMSC, including significant changes in the specific aims of the research studies, without prior notification and approval by the CMSC, (6) if the PI is found by an institutional investigation to have committed scientific misconduct or fraud; or (7) by action of the Board of Governors of the CMSC.


Final Financial Reports: A full account of all expenses made for a research project is due within 90 days of the termination of the grant. Unexpended funds remaining at the end of the grant must be returned to the CMSC.

Bonded Financial Officer: The CMSC requires that the financial officer administering grant funds be bonded. Unless otherwise indicated in the application for a grant, it is understood that such officials are bonded as a prerequisite to assumption of office.


Final Research Report: A final report of the progress on research projects is due within 90 days of the completion of a grant.


The CMSC must be acknowledged in all disseminated materials (e.g. publications, scientific exhibits, scientific presentations, press releases, etc.) related to research supported in full or in part by the CMSC. The following acknowledgement or its equivalent should be used:

 “This work was supported fully or in part by a Pilot Research Award from the CMSC.”

If the grant was supported by the Foundation of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (FCMSC), the FCMSC must be cited.

Click here to download LOI Format and Instructions

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